Build Your Legacy
Create amazing works and share your passions

The ADAM AI platform lets you design, shape, and develop innovative and groundbreaking works of art in the areas of your interests. Create the next chart topping track, write a short story about your life, or take breath taking photos, and when you’re finished, ADAM will help you share your masterpieces with the rest of the world.

Tell Your Story

Discover interests & connect over inspiring ideas

The ADAM AI platform was designed to curate and host massive communities based around your interests and hobbies. With our platform, you can connect with users across the globe to share your work and discuss the latest people, places, and art that inspire you the most.

Tools For Your Journey

Our ADAM AI platform includes a broad range of A.I. infused capabilities created specifically with the goal of enhancing your life. Together, these intelligent features and others combine to create truly innovative and unique experiences never before seen on a mobile device.

Artificial Intelligence

Our ADAM platform is completely driven by artificial intelligence ADAM’s neural network allows him to constantly learn from and adapt to fit the needs of his user.

Spatial Bridge

ADAM is capable of combining your location & schedule with his intelligence to to enhance your discovery & increase your productivity. He's able to use your data to make intelligent recommendations on the fly based on your availability & interests.

ADAM Network

We’ve outfitted the entire ADAM AI platform for a true social experience. The ADAM Network lets you share and connect with entire communities of likeminded users based on your personal interests and goals.


Every day we use words, subtle gestures & body language to express our feelings and emotions. We’ve designed our platform to allow ADAM to use his intelligence to express emotion just as humans do.

The platform for your beginning

The ADAM AI platform is filled with endless possibilities. To accomplish this, we’ve created an ever expanding group of unique experiences tailored to how you live your life. With our role system, you’ll be able to work towards achieving your dreams, all while still managing the roles that define who you are today.

  • Photography

    Capture forever.


    Discover your paradise.

    Dream Exactly How You Want to Dream

    The ADAM AI platform is filled with endless possibilities. Stay tuned for more information on our innovative role system.

  • Fashionista

    Show the world your style.


    Perfect your temple.

    Live Exactly How You Want To Live

    The ADAM AI platform is filled with endless possibilities. Stay tuned for more information on our innovative role system.

Who is ArcDNA?

To discover who we are, you must first understand what we believe

Everything Has a Story.

Great stories captivate and inspire us as creatives. That’s why at ArcDNA we believe that everything we create should tell a story. Our hope is that the stories found embedded into the very foundation of our work will give insight into the thoughts and emotions that ultimately led to its creation.

Make it Beautiful.

Beautiful designs are functional, engaging, and at times emotional. Our love for great design is deeply embedded into the core of our company. From our products to our spreadsheets, we believe that everything has the potential to be a work of art.

Don't Think, Be Different.

We believe that thoughts and actions are the distinguishable differences between those who simply exist in this world and those who forever change it. At ArcDNA, our goal is to exist and operate in innovative ways that truly differentiate our employees, company and products from the rest of the world.


Our core values provide the foundation for our journey as we seek to achieve our goal of using artificial intelligence to impact the world. Together, with these core values, a great team, and a little bit of luck, we hope that we can change the way that people live their lives forever.